Aluminium Manufacturer Shuts Down Systems Worldwide For Ransomware Attack


Several plants of the world’s largest producers of the aluminium has been forced to shut down across U.S. and Europe after an extensive cyber attack (Ransomware Attacks) hit its operations leaving the IT systems of the company to be unusable. As per the press release shared by the Aluminium giant named Norsk Hydro, the company has temporarily shut down several plants where the still now running plants have switched to manual operations in countries like Norway, Brazil and Qatar attempting to continue some of the operations. The Ransomware attacks that first began in the U.S. was detected by the company’s IT experts after which the company had been working to neutralize the attack as well as investigating to know about the full extent of the incident.

In a video press conference that run for 18 minutes. The CFO of Norsk Hydro Eivind Kallevik uncovered that the Norsk Hydro Systems have been hit by a relativey new type of ransomware malware named as LockerGoga that encrypts all files on the targeted computers followed by demanding a ransom to unlock them similar to the activities of other ransomware viruses. According to the reports published by the local public broadcaster NRK and Reuters, the researchers stated that the malware LockerGoga is not a widely spread ransomware as was also used to target the French Engineering Consultancy named Altran Technologies. It has also been known that though Norsk Hydro is the latest victim of the ransomware attack, yet the cyber attack has crippled many major companies in the past couple of years. Till now it has not been known whether the company has lost any significant amount of data in the cyber attack. As of now, the company has said that they have cyber insurance and its main plan is to restore the systems utilizing the backup data.


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