The Rand Corporation Digs Deep Into The Dark Web


A major think tank, The Rand Corporation of the United States has taken a closer looks at the dark web where criminal activities are rampant as it gives anonymity which makes harder for these activities to be spotted by law enforcement agency and other regulating agency. The study was conducted by the Rand Corporation in association and collaboration with the Police Executive Research Forum and the University of Denver that dives into a take a closer look at the various criminal aspects of the so called Dark Web. The report was compiled during a workshop whose aim was to find the solutions and fill in the gap that existed in the current legislation including improvement of law enforcement and investigating the gaps and shortcomings in current laws.

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When it came to transaction taking on the Darknet and the other websites that accept that accept payments via the digital coins it became a road block for law enforcement agencies as the crypto’s provided a high level of anonymity. This achieved due to the very nature the Dark Web functions as it does not communicate directly with websites but via a tunnel system which conceals the sender and receiver by hiding their location and true identity. The most used cryptocurrency that is used in these dark websites is the Bitcoin(BTC), Litecoin(LTC), or Monero(XMR).

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Due to the growing user base of these Cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin among them a lot of them are legitimate users, this acts a hurdle for law enforcement agencies to properly identify and police the trading of illicit goods and service as the Rand Corporation Report points out. According to the reports that were published and shared, the need was felt to better the cooperation between the different agencies and also to strengthen ties with the foreign law enforcement agencies.

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