Hacking Made Simple by Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)


RaaS: The business of cybercrime is quite similar to the business of a normal organization or even can be said to have commonness with a startup. Just in the case of an organization, there are is a product or service they offer to their customers or subscribers which has a value proposition, in the same way, the dark web also has their own group of followers and enthusiast.

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They usually are people related to the underworld like drug traffickers or arms dealer and cyber-criminal. Criminals have relied on the deep web to trade contraband ranging from illegal drugs to buying of arms and ammunition. Recently as the cybercrime has evolved so have the criminals with it. With services such as ransomware and another hacker toolkit available like malware as a service and phishing as a service cybercrime has evolved from a hacker’s hobby into a new type of capitalist economy. As long as there will be a market and money to be made, there will always be criminal innovators developing new attacks that are for sale on the dark web. Any individual can be a hacker these days, thanks to RaaS.

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All it takes is a little research and some bitcoin to purchase an email-flooding service on the dark web. In fact, even with the multi-million dollar success of Sam Sama type of ransomware attack that is carried out by hand, we expect RaaS kits to continue to appeal to cyber-criminals. Even lower-skilled cyber-criminals are happy to rake in a few hundred or thousand dollars with minimal effort. We’ll talk more about the difference between RaaS kits in the second article of this two-part series. The money-making criminal cycle is fairly straight forward. Every successful ransomware attack provides hackers money, providing them with more resources for their next set of attacks.

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