Indian Drug Dealer Selling Psychotropic Drugs On Darknet Arrested


A 21-year-old dark web drug dealer who sold psychotropic drugs have been arrested by the sleuths of the Delhi zonal unit of the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The culprit, Dipu Singh, was arrested by officers of the Narcotics Control Bureau on February 7, 2020. He reportedly began his dark web drug trading by buying and shipping erectile dysfunction drugs as well as bodybuilding supplements to customers overseas through the dark web. The 21-year-old psychotropic drugs dealer, later expand his business and shifted his attention to dealing with the psychotropic drugs due to the huge profit margin was making selling those drugs.

Singh reportedly bought and shift over hundreds of psychotropic drugs, disguised as sexual enhancement drugs in parcels to his dark web customers abroad. After one of his shipments was deemed suspicious by the Central Narcotics Agency which operates under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, officers of the Narcotics Control Board opened an investigation in December 2019, into his dealings. Undercover agents contacted him on two dark web marketplaces, Empire Market and Majestic Garden. The psychotropic drugs dealer had reportedly sold over 600 parcels of drugs on these two markets.

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Singh, with the dark web moniker “Mr. Robo” had an active vendor page on the two dark web marketplaces and agreed to sell drugs to the undercover Narcotics Control Bureau agents. Singh, after taking their order, sent them a message on the messaging app, WhatsApp, about the parcel and its shipment. On January 31, 2020, officers on the Narcotics Control Board in Delhi, intercepted a package in the capital which was addresses to Singh’s Lucknow residence.

Singh was arrested, followed by a raid at his residence in Alam Bagh, Lucknow. Officers of the Narcotics Control Bureau uncovered over 12,000 tablets, falling under different types of psychotropic drugs as well as other drug paraphernalia.  Singh, according to reports from the Narcotics Control Bureau, started his dark web dealings in December 2018 and is a mastermind behind the supply of hundreds of parcels of psychotropic drugs to the United States as well as several countries in Europe including the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Romania, and other countries.

Rajesh Nandan Srivastava, the Deputy Director-General of Operations of the Narcotics Control Board, stated that Singh was a major drug dealer on the dark web. He had one of the largest listings and customers on some of the biggest and reliable dark web marketplaces across the globe. The 21-year-old drug dealer is also the son of a retired decorated army officer. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in hotel management from Amity University in Lucknow. Srivastava added that the dark web drug dealer had studied and mastered the art and technique to disguise his identity and consignments while making a shipment to his customers.

Singh is the first Indian dark web drug dealer to be arrested by the Narcotics Control Bureau. However, similar arrests and busts have been made by the Narcotics Control Board, following a two-month-long operation by the agent, with help from other local and international law enforcement agencies. The collaboration between the law enforcement agencies has seen a total of 55,000 psychotropic tablets seized from various drug dealers. The tablets seized included alprazolam, tramadol and zolpidem and several others. K P S Malhotra, zonal director of the Narcotics Control Bureau, Delhi, speaking after the arrest stated that cooperation from the various international law enforcement agencies made this investigation a success. He also revealed that some of the busts in the operation were made in the United Kingdom as well as Mumbai.

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The global operation which was dubbed “Operation Trance,” was launched In December 2019, by the Narcotics Control Bureau and sought to combine the intelligence from collaboration with the international agencies to gather Intel on express mail, international postal and courier shipments, containing illegal, as well as controlled substances that are being sold by high and low-level drug dealers to be abused by their customers.

The joint operation (Operation Trance) also unmasked a dark web drug trafficking ring that had its operations spread across the United States and Singapore and made use of the services of several global post offices, mails and international couriers for the drug trade. General Srivastava, stated that the dark web ring only accepted payment in Bitcoin and Litecoin and also used the same cryptocurrencies for all their transactions, including shipments of consignments.

The ring also reportedly used several apps including WhatsApp and several wicker accounts and identities to contact their customers on shipments of orders after the drugs had been sourced from the dark web. Reports from the Narcotics Control Bureau states that officers are looking for a link between Singh and the other culprits even though none of them has been revealed as a culprit yet.

Source: New Indian Express

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