Microsoft’s Project Artemis To Help Spot Online Child Pedophiles


Project Artemis: Microsoft has come up with its new technology which will report incidents related to pedophiles. Although there are a lot of benefits that are associated with the latest technology but with each of the blessing also comes a curse. The digital boom has brought with it a lot advantage but it also has brought with it the problem of online child exploitation and abuse. The number of people (pedophiles) lurking on the internet have grown in numbers looking for vulnerable children’s kids for their own amusement and evil purposes. With each passing day, the number of cases has kept on increasing and it has made parents around the world worried and tense. If you follow the popular website (Hack, you might be aware of the various dark web websites that hosts contents about child pornography. These websites at the same time are also safe havens for child abusers and pedophiles. Last year saw the highest number of seizures when it came to this market place being taken down by the law enforcement agencies. For instances only last law enforcement authorities seized the largest child porn marketplace on the dark web and also took down its servers. The arrest was carried out with the help of many law enforcement agencies collaborating and at the same time sending out a very strong signal when it came to the consequences of such activity. The seizure that was carried out by the police officials led to the arrest of more than 300 suspects.

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In September last year, NATO, the military alliance comprising of many European countries was also targeted as it hosted child abuse content. Needless to say, these online pedophiles are also making their presence felt on numerous countless online platforms including Discord, TikTok, Kik, Omegle, Chatroulette, and Snapchat which are few of the many such website that are targeted by these evils doers.  Microsoft the technological giant from America understands the problems that these criminals pose to society and to tackle the problem they have decided to come up with a solution. The company has come out with a tool that will not only detect the perpetrators but it will also report the issue to the law enforcement agency. Staying in line with the pledge of making internet a safe place for everyone the organization has come out with a workable solution in the form of “Project Artemis”. It is an automated system that has been programmed in such a way, that it will be able to track pedophiles activities whenever they look to strike a conversation with children and try to analyze their words and speaking style whenever they come online.

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Project Artemis is a rating based system that after going through the conversation determines the probability of the user being a child sex predator trying to exploit any children online. The system then assigns a rating to the users. According to a statistics there were around 4.48 billion children’s were active around the world and most of them were teenagers. It is an open based application and can be implemented by any company, for example if the score is between 1-10, the conversation will be sent to a human moderator for reviews so that the person could be identified and law enforcement agency could be identified. According to the Microsoft’s chief digital security officer Courtney Gregoire, Project Artemis will provide information about the different ways child pedophiles operate online. Microsoft has already integrated the tool in various products including Xbox and Skype.

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