Varied Cybercrime Infrastructures & Service Costs on Major Dark Web Markets Revealed


Recently, we reported the increase of cybercrime tools on the various major dark web markets as revealed by the Flashpoint Report. The increase in prices of tools is a strong indication of a market boom coming from the rise in price of infrastructures and services.

Another report found establishes the claim of competitive prices offered for the cybercrime services and infrastructures on the major dark web markets. Curiosity surrounding the prices of cybercrime services has arose as the cybercrime related costs have been predicted to skyrocket to $6 trillion in 2020 from $3 trillion in 2015.

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According to Welivesecurity, a number of vendors in all age groups have designed botnet for rent on the dark web. These botnets give criminals access to computing power to broadcast spam emails to victims. Some of these botnets are actively used to attack severs used by online games.

From the report, the prices for DDoS attacks offered on the major dark web markets varies depending on the time the attack is expected to last, and the number of traffic generated during the attack. As claimed by the report, DDoS attacks that lasts for 3 hours are usually charged for $60.

Also, Ransomware packages on the dark web do not have fixed price, as the prices depends on the period of subscription plan and the type of ransomware. The report made mention of Ranion, stating that its price depends on the available subscription plan ranging from monthly to yearly. Going for the monthly subscription plan of Ranion can cost as low as $120 for a month. The price for the yearly subscription was revealed to be as high as $900, and can even go as high as $1900 depending on its features. Some vendors prefer to give away the ransomware for free, and negotiate for a percentage in every successful execution or money obtained from victims.

In terms of stolen credit card and PayPal accounts, sellers offer different prices for different accounts on the major dark web markets depending on the amount on each card. To answer the question of why criminals do not use stolen credit cards and PayPal accounts on their own but prefer selling them at a cheaper price, the majority of criminals do not subscribe to taking a bigger risk of using the cards after going through enough risk to illegally obtain them. From the prices found in the report, sellers mostly offer the stolen accounts for 10% of the amount in the accounts.

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Another common operation on the major dark web markets is the offering of credentials to access servers in various part of the world, and they come at a cost. The report revealed that it can be searched by country, operating system and the payment sites users visited. The price for each server ranges from $8 to $15. The servers available for each country are displayed when searched. When criminals are given credentials to access these servers, they can install malware such as spyware on them.

The cybercrime business on the dark web has been packaged to look more professional with features used by genuine businesses. According to a report, there are products of clear value proposition, risk and reward analysis, customer support services and integrated marketing campaign. Also, on the dark web markets have black Friday deals just like any other e-commerce platform. Hacking was earlier thought to be a hobby. However, it has been transformed into a huge profitable market on the major dark web markets with a lot of money involve for those who wants to take risk to become rich overnight.

The overview of the prices of cybercrime services and infrastructures on the major dark web markets is a wake-up call to all companies that, cybercriminals are still in the business of looking for vulnerable institutions to strike.

Source: WeLiveSecurity

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