Darknet Child Pornography: Man Hit With 22 Felony Charges


A Preston man is facing 22 felony charges for dark web child pornography after he was busted by law enforcement. 64-year-old Rickford Rehmann Munger was charged with possession of pornographic work by a registered sex offender as well as 11 felony counts of possession of pornographic work  in Fillmore County District Court. The Preston man made his first court appearance before Judge Matthew Opat on January 2, 2019, where he was handed a $10,000 conditional bail and an unconditional bail at $80,000 for the felony charges.

Munger’s dark web doings, came to an end after officers of the Rochester police notified the chief of Preston Police Blaise Sass of evidence regarding a case the Preston police department was working on. A search warrant was executed on Munger’s apartment in Preston on September 30, by the Rochester Police department, for a different and unrelated matter.

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According to the criminal complaint, the search uncovered many electronic and digital devices and after forensic analysis and review, officers found suspected dark web child pornography on the devices. The investigation also uncovered evidence of dark web child pornography including images and videos of children getting sexually abused. The Preston man, also recorded many videos of children and adults, bathing or having sex and uploaded and shared it on the numerous dark web pornography platforms he was on.

On one of the digital devices, Munger had downloaded pornographic videos from the dark web and was grouped in folders including ‘Spy-cam videos’ and ‘rape porn’. “Munger had his own videos where he was recording females, some underage, changing or showering in private residences,” the complaint reads, adding that, some of the private videos were taken from outside a window.

The Preston man has had several run-ins with the law before his latest arrest and indictment. He has a criminal history that dates back to over 25 years ago. Munger has served multiple prison sentences for charges such as failing to register as a sex offender, first-degree burglary and second-degree assault.

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The Preston man was last convicted in August 2017, where he pleaded guilty to charge the charge leveled against him in Olmsted County District Court. According to court records, Munger admitted to a single count of interfering with privacy-enter home/stare/peep in a window. Another charge of interfering with privacy-previous conviction, against Munger was dismissed as a result of the guilty plea agreement.

In June 2017, the Preston man was sentenced to months in jail, for peeking at through the window at women bathing in several homes in Rochester. Munger had again pleaded guilty already in February 2017, to one count of failing to register as a predatory sex offender. Munger was sentenced by Fillmore County District Court Judge Matthew Opat to 36 months in jail.

The Preston man is scheduled to appear again in court on February 10. 2019. Munger is currently being held on an $80,000 unconditional bail in the Olmsted County Adult Detention Center. He was again arrested on July 1, 2018, for peeping through windows at several women bathing. One woman, reported the case to the police, adding that, he saw the Preston man looking through several windows and recording women who were bathing on 1200 block of Fourth Avenue Southwest.

Dispatchers received a phone call about three hours later from a man who lived around the 600 block of Second Street Northwest. Reports state that the man told officers he saw someone appearing to try to peek into the windows of two neighbors. He added that the person had some items with him and had stacked some garbage on the ground which he was likely to stand on them to see inside of the apartments.

The police followed Munger to the Seventh Street Northwest and Broadway Avenue and arrested him. A woman in the neighborhood identified him as and stated that she saw him months ago, peeping through the window of her neighbor. Munger was wearing knee pads covered in dirt, black gloves, and a flashlight. He was handed a 180-day jail sentence for that case.

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