Possibilities of Outlaw Market Went Down


The marketplaces of the dark web have experienced an unexpected rise in the popularity in the recent years. Nevertheless, these marketplaces are pretty prone to the number of issues of which the most prominent one is to emanate from the sector itself. Two of the most common issues that most of the dark web markets face are exit scams and hacks. The most prominent dark web market, the OutLaw Market could possibly be a victim of one of such issues or may be both as per the latest reports.

The OutLaw Market went down on 16th of May, 2017. A message was posted on the homepage that reveals that the website was shut down due to a hack. Additionally, it has also been stated that the wallet of the OutLaw Market has been stolen. Some group of people believes that there may be an exit scam that has been performed by the website’s admins. Although, the tone and the clarity of the message reflected that the Market may never recover. The OutLaw Market is amongst the earliest of the dark web marketplaces that has been found back in the year 2013. The market was brought to the use of the people when the Silk Road 1 was still in operation. At that point of time, the OutLaw Market was not a popular marketplace until there was a strong influx of the users joining the website.

Another most notable thing about the OutLaw Market is that the message displayed on the website of the marketplace was not published by the top administrators that provided a reason to the dark web users to believe this may be another reputable case of an exit scam. The admin had published a message on the Reddit and Pastebin on 19th of May 2017, assuring that the event was not an exit scam.


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