Pornography on Dark Web: Teenager Attempts To Murder Woman Met Online


According to a recent court hearing, a teenager who attempted to murder a woman he met online watched unsupervised extreme pornography on the dark web. The 16-year-old boy whose name has been withheld was said to have gone to the dark web on multiple occasion to access such materials. However, it is unclear how this relates to his attempt to murder the woman he met online. According to the court, the defendant pretended to be 19-years-old on one of the social media Apps to take on his victim, Stephanie Ng 25.

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During one of his hearings, he revealed his interest in women romantically and penises. The defendant also admitted to having watched pornography since the age of 11, and the number of such films increases as he grows older. He hinted that he used the dark web to watch these films in order to hide his identity. When asked about violent pornography, he said he never watched violent porn since there was no blood and choking. However, maybe forced ones.

A few weeks after meeting his victim on a social media App called Whisper; they arranged to meet face to face in December 2017. When asked about the reason he joined the social media app, he said, he wanted to improve his social skills. He also felt he should reject someone as he has been rejected. According to him, his intention of meeting her was not because of sex as he could have masturbated. He intended to kill her to satisfy the thought he had been conceiving. Deceiving her into thinking they were taking a selfie, the defendant grabbed her, choked her till she lost consciousness and stabbed her in the neck. However, the woman escaped the situation somehow.

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Authorities later searched his room and found a book that had drawings of someone cutting another person with a knife. The defendant had also written “serial killer” in the book.

When he learned the victim survived his attack, he was shocked. He said that he felt there would be more evidence against him as his murder attempt was unsuccessful. Also, he was happy the woman survived as her death would have made him a murderer.

His mother linked the violent behavior of the teenager to the antidepressants he was taking. She stated that her son suffered from depression as he was constantly bullied in secondary school before being moved to a different school, and he never made friends from the school.

The defendant was a strategic game addict, as he could play video games from midday to the next morning according to a report.

In October 2015, he started taking antidepressants and soon after, his violent behavior started coming to her notice. The defendant admitted that when he get violent thoughts, he desire to hit people and hurt them. Dr. Richard Church interviewed the defendant and said to the court that the teenager deeply regrets his actions.

In his earlier interview with his mother, she revealed that her son stopped going to school because he was scared of hurting someone. According to her, they met a professional psychologist who advised them to stay with the boy 24 hours a day. The boy later felt better but was irritable and restless.

A risk assessment carried on the defendant revealed that he poses a great risk to others. According to Dr. Church, the defendant’s history of violence, rejection, suicide attempts, and low empathy makes him dangerous to others. Also, he said his long years of unsupervised pornography and exposure on the dark web as well as his interest in strategic games influenced his risk assessment results.

He earlier pleaded guilty to attempting to commit murder. He has been asked to reappear before the court on 7th October 2019.

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