Popular Darknet Markets Reopen Post DDoS Attacks


For about one month, the darknet markets have been going through significant closure following a string of the DDoS attack. This has raised a number of questions on the future of the darknet markets that has always facilited the purchase of rare or illegal goods and services. The aggressive and sustained DDoS attacks have led to prolonged downtime of the popular darknet markets. These popular darknet markets though have reopened after the shutdown, some of the affected websites are somewhat inactive or unusable due to the extended Bitcoin transaction times.

The primary target of the latest DDoS attacks has been the Dream Market. Unlike the typical darknet markets that struggle hard to survive a three-month period after their inauguration, the Dream Market has been doing amazingly well since its launch in 2013. Dream Market allows Bitcoin as one of the payment methods where it is susceptible to various Cryptocurrency related issues such as the network congestion. However with course of period, alternative coins known as the “altcoins” have been offering cost effective and quicker solution to the darknet markets. Simultaneously, Monero emerged as an altcoin experiencing substantial growth.

Lately, several darknet markets have been under severe DDoS attacks as these attacks have become very frequent on the dark web even though the darknet markets have taken several measures to protect against the DDoS attack. Since the collapse of several top darknet markets like the AlphaBay and Hansa, the darknet market community have been undergoing peer pressure that have been pretty apparent on different forums like the Reddit. Additionally, the recent increase in the DDoS attacks has led the darknet market users navigate to other alternative options. Even though the future of the darknet markets seems pretty uncertain, yet it has opened gates for the entry of the alternative markets like the OpenBazaar that is taking the full advantage of the crisis.


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