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Professional video gaming has become for many an accepted fixture of professional sports in general. Once considered strictly a game (or even a waste of time!), ESports have followed the familiar arc of all sports from pastime to competition to marketization and professionalization – be they physical, table-top, or now electronic games. And sports lovers around the globe this professionalized status is not even really new and has been in the daily lives for about a decade. This sudden shift in the way gaming is played from the field to the internet has taken place after the rise of the internet as a medium to connect people around the globe in real-time irrespective of the distance between them.

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ESports has gained the advantage that is known as the first mover’s advantage. Esports saw the internet as a tool where game lovers could form communities and play games with opponents of their choice any time anywhere. Only the enthusiast needed was a laptop or a desktop and an internet connection. Esports did cash in big time. According to a report published in a leading newspaper, estimates suggest that the global gaming industry is worth more than $44 billion annually.

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For the facilitation of the gambling through bitcoin which has gain traction over time as a favoured medium to bet on games on the internet, there is the portal called the Bitcoin Casino King (BCK). It is only common to have developed a platform on which the betting could be done online where both the parties are concealed. Since bitcoin use does not fall under any regulation or mandate by any government or local authorities it has become more popular around the globe. According to one of the estimates, the global betting industry is supposed to rise to a mammoth amount of $1 billion and will grow more in times to come as people get more access to the internet.

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