Jokers Stash: Researchers Find Nearly Five Lakh Payment Credit Cards Uploaded

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Group-IB has made another tremendous discovery following their previous publications concerning stolen credit card details found on the dark web. According to their recent development, more than 450,000 stolen Turkish credit cards have been dumped on a popular credit card sale platform, the Jokers Stash.

This follows a recent post reporting the upgrade staged by the Jokers Stash to expand its infrastructures and upgrade its features do support a larger volume of stolen payment cards. The Jokers Stash platform has also been linked to the sale of millions of credit cards obtained from multiple financial companies across the world.

According to the report by 2-spyware, the discovered data were obtained from multiple user accounts and includes both credit and debit cards. In addition, the platform is offering the sale of all the needed information required to make payment online including CVV, expiration date and cardholders’ names.

Researchers also discovered additional information including emails, phone numbers, and names. Analysts suspect that the data were stolen from multiple Turkish top banks considering the fact that the stolen credit cards were not issued by one bank.

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The data was uploaded in four batches on 28 October and 27 November 2019. As claimed by the report, each batch contained 30,000, 30,000, 90,000 and 250,000 cards respectively. Based on the prices listed for each credit cards, the platform is bound to make over $500, 000 when all offerings are sold successfully.

The report further established that the Jokers Stash named their first two batches of uploads TURKEY-MIX-01 and TURKEY-MIX-02, and offered each payment card for $3. The next batch of uploads was made on 27 November 2019 and was named TURKEY-MIX-03 and TURKEY-MIX-04 respectively. This time around, the cards were offered for $1 each. It was then stated that 83% to 90% of the stolen credit cards were active and in good working condition.

An investigation conducted into the discovery led to three possible reasons why the Turkish credit card details ended up in the hands of malicious actors. Firstly, it is possible that thousands of users’ computers were infected with data harvest malware to obtain information without any suspicions. Secondly, the hackers possibly installed JavaScript Skimmer on e-commerce websites that take care of payments. Lastly, victims may have entered the credit card details on a fake payment page after falling victim to a phishing attack.

This establishes the reason why individuals must be vigilant when it comes to online payment pages that demand credit cards entry. The Jokers Stash platform has been in the news lately with the upload of a bunch of stolen credit cards. On 28 October 2019, it was reported that about 1.3 million compromised credit cards had been uploaded for sale. Researchers found that each card was being offered for $100, and the seller was likely to make $1.3 million from all the cards. The collection of cards that contained magnetic stripes was created by point of a sale skimming device.

Over the year, there has been a number of stolen credit cards incidents and a market boom on the dark web, leading to an increase in cybercrime tools on the online black market. The Jokers Stash remains a big threat to credit and debit card users and have actively posed a serious threat since 2014. In 2015, they upgraded their offerings to contain personally identifiable information including social security details. The Joker’s Stash uploaded about 5.3 million stolen credit card details which were suspected to have been obtained from Hy-Vee data breach.

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Researchers discovered that the data were being sold from $17 to $35 depending on a number of factors including the pin and CVV. Credit cards sale are one of the fast-rising business on the dark web and come with a fair profit. This has forced a number of individuals to use their computer literacy to steal and sell payment details, making government agencies, private companies and individuals become constant prey to a data breach. It is therefore important to understand and take basic cybersecurity more serious.

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