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6 Password Mistakes Users Should Avoid At All Cost

Today in this world of interconnected keeping passwords safe is the biggest issues the people face. We are surrounded by passwords. We have all the things that are password protected. Starting from our banks where we keep the money as a safe to the information that we store in our Google drive to the information on our laptops and desktop are all password protected. In the era of the 21st century where every device is connected to the cloud and devices can be controlled accessed, managed from miles apart we might like to think that technology has no such loopholes. But sadly there is a weak point in the armoury.  The mole in the chink sadly is the password and user name was invented in 1963, more than half a century ago.

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Fernando Corbota the inventor of computer password had admitted that password is the nightmare of the worldwide web. Michael Chertoff in 2016 had answered the question in an interview with CNBC. He served as secretary of Homeland Security from 2005 till 2009. In his response, he said the same thing the inventor of password had said, that every major cyberattack be it in individual terms or in an organizational perspective, the common thread of attack was the password. According to the former Homeland Security, the reason for so many attacks was because the password is the weakest link in cybersecurity. By making their replacement a national priority, the government can really rally both industry and agencies to adopt stronger solutions that make passworddriven breaches a thing of the past.

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Here are some of the steps users should definitely bypass at all cost to prevent your account information stolen:

  1. Changing the password too often
  2. Making them too complex
  3. Not screening them
  4. Recycling the same ones
  5. Being too familiar
  6. Storing a password list on your computer.

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