Husband Relishes 30-Years-Old Paedophilic Secret, Wife Finds Out


Perth resident Hope aged 48 years had found out that his husband Ryan had been a paedophile as well as a sex addict throughout his marriage tenure. She was unaware of the paedophilic secret until the plainclothes detectives questioned his husband. It all happened on the 2017 Good Friday morning when they were sipping their first cup of tea for the day, and detectives in plainclothes arrived at their residence.

“There two were plainclothes detectives on the doorstep asking to speak to my husband,” Hope recalls.

“I remember at the time my whole body was physically shaking. My husband was being interviewed by the police for the most disgusting crime ever. I couldn’t think of a friend to call … I just sat alone.”

After this, Ryan had made a shocking revelation on his paedophilic secret as stated by Hope:

“At the time of the arrest, he confessed to me he had been a sex addict for many, many years. He wasn’t just sexually interested in little girls, he was sexually interested in any female,” says Hope.

Following this, a year later in 2018, Ryan had been convicted of nine charges against his paedophilic secret of which three charges levied on him was on the historical child molestation offences (of Sonia, Hope’s cousin), three for the current molestation charges against Hope’s brother’s younger daughter and the remaining three for his possession of the child sexual abuse materials (CSAM).

Hope had no idea that his husband had been looking at the CSAM creating paedophilic secret throughout in her residence.

Hope did not have a much exciting childhood, and she craved for a friend when she met Ryan at the age of 14. Ryan was then at his mid-twenties. Hope’s mother had lived with PTSD and had seven children. On knowing Hope’s relationship with Ryan, she had either not stopped her or forced her to get married, but Hope thinks this is because she wanted her to get married to feed one less child.

Looking back at what attracted her to Ryan in the first place, she says: “We had a good friendship. We loved going on drives and picnics together. He was funny. I liked that he made me laugh.

“And in some kind of creepy way, I now see that all as just the perfect grooming for this ideal wife to cover up what was ultimately his first choice in life – and that wasn’t me. I know that now, but I didn’t know that then.”

A couple of days prior to Ryan’s arrest, Hope’s cousin had called her, and the conversation was pretty unexpected. When the couple were newly dating, Sonia was six years old then, and Ryan had sexually abused her. Sonia herself is a mother to be, and she says she does not want Ryan to be around her daughter.

Image: The Sun

As Hope finds out about her husband’s ill intentions and paedophilic secret, she furthermore discovered something.

“On our computer, I found a file which I’d never seen before, openly entitled ‘Kiddie nudes’,” says Hope. “I could just see all these pictures of little girls, the same approximate age as my cousin all those years ago.

“They were six, seven-year-old blonde little girls, all deliberately photographed full frontal nude. And at the time I thought, ‘Oh, there’s more to this. There’s more’,” she says, “And I still think about those girls now. Where are those girls today? How have they been affected by being abused like this?”

Soon after, Hope called the police and told them about the findings that were probably from the dark web. The law enforcement had arrived at the place, seized the computer at their home, a pile of the USBs and a hard drive.

After the police had examined the seized materials of Ryan’s paedophilic secret, they had come to arrest the accused and later had sent him home following the questioning session.

After a week, she told him: “I can’t have you here anymore. I just am sick at the thought of you coming home knowing what you’ve done.”

Ryan asked her: “Well, where am I going to go?”

Hope replied, “Well, you’ve had a long time to think about it. You’ve been doing this for 30 years or more. You’re going to have to figure that out without me.

All in all, the accused had spent nine months in prison for his paedophilic secret and off lately has been placed on the register for the child sex offender for the rest of his life.

Natalie says, “the primary victims of these crimes are always children. But the intimate partners and close family members of perpetrators must be viewed as secondary victims.”

“Knowing that they lived in the same home, shared the bed, were intimate with, had children with someone who was perpetrating this child sexual abuse is part of the non-offending partner’s trauma,” she explains.

Source: Herald Sun

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