Dark Web Amphetamines Order: A 27-year-old Drug Trafficker Sentenced


A 27-year-old man was arrested in Rheinbach by the law enforcement over the charges of ordering illicit drugs from the Darknet and running an illegal drug store for selling the drugs. According to reports received by the authorities, the suspect was found to be in the act of ordering a hard illicit drug known as Amphetamine from the Darknet. The ordered drug, as per the report, was sent through postal mail by the seller on the Darknet marketplace as a means of safely and securely transporting the illicit drug to the arrested suspect in his hometown thus Rheinbach in Germany.

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The prosecutor at the reading in court stated that, the package that was sent by mail containing the Amphetamines was not properly postmarked due to a 1.15 Euros bill that was missing from the envelope sent, for this reason, the Amphetamine package was apprehended by a company where the mandate to finally open the package was given to check it’s content and to their surprise the nicely sealed envelope contained about 250 grams of the illicit drug Amphetamine. So immediately, the company called on the police to seize the package containing the illicit substance. However, that package was not the only one seized by the police as they collected and seized other two envelopes that were also containing the illicit drugs but had a different delivering address on each.

Moreover, because the initial package seized had the address of the suspect he was then arrested and sent by the police to face the charge of the alleged commercial trade in narcotics in the Rheinbach district court.

The prosecutor in court said that the police were able to locate the suspect through the address on the package and eventually took a search in the suspect’s apartment at Rheinbach. During the search, the police found and seized additional to Amphetamine, many other illicit drugs, particularly ecstasy tablets, scales, switchblades and baton. Also, the reports from police stated that the man was again suspected based on the assessment of some social media platform chats protocols to be running a drug trade business. It was later proven to be an existing organized illicit drugstore by the man who was known as Dumbled.

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Hearing the defendant in court,  he said although his family, girlfriend and inner-self motivated him to go through an addiction counselling and therapy, the suspect, who was an IT system electronics engineer totally admitted in court that, he could not stop consuming the drugs. He said he had been using these drugs especially Amphetamine for about 7 years and acknowledged that fact that he has been taken the drugs on a daily basis since he started consuming.

According to the suspect, he was sent out of work when he was first convicted which made illicit drugs censorious to him.

His lawyer contented in court saying his client did not have that many finances to be able to run a commercial trade generally with the amount that was estimated above the drugs and therefore pleaded for a suspended sentence.

Nevertheless, the defendant plea was not granted as the case involved hard illicit drugs. The suspect was sentenced on two charges. The Judge in court on the first count sentenced the suspect to 2 years imprisonment with therapy to help him with addiction and 15 months in jail for the second count.

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