OpSec Oversights Regarded as Major Cause for Darknet Market Takedowns


The dark web is flooded with various types of darknet markets the trade illegal stuffs and services maintaining anonymity in order to have a smooth trading without getting caught by the law enforcement officials. In due course of time, the law enforcement agencies have compiled the efforts internationally in a bid to tackle the biggest illegal markets that ever existed on the dark web. The biggest illegal markets also included the notorious Silk Road while there were also the copied or the alternative websites that were shut down successfully.

The causes and the closure related to the darknet markets are varied and vast. Although, the advancements in the encryption and the anonymization technology that has so far been used have been pretty successful but the Basic Operational Security (OpSec) oversights have been regarded as the major cause for the huge darknet market takedowns. The mistakes of the OpSec had led to the demise of the various leading darknet markets and had been outlined in a talk show at BSides London the previous week.

The senior security advisor of Sophos named John Shier has explained that the darknet websites mainly trades drug and various other things while they keep on coming and going for various reasons. There are also occurrences that the founders of these darknet marketplaces steal funds those are held in escrow and pose an ‘exit scam’. While there are also occurrences where the darknet websites are forced to go offline or are taken down as a result of the denial-of –service attacks or intractable vulnerabilities related to the security. The law enforcement action is also a peril for the darknet market operators. The talk show of Shier named ‘Closed for Business: Taking Down Darknet Markets’ is based on the story behind Operation Bayonet that caused the seizure and takedown of Hansa and Alphabay darknet markets in July 2017.

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