Georgia Suspect under 10 Years of Imprisonment Accused of Trafficking Opioid U47700 from the Dark Web


A 35 year old man residing in McDonough, Georgia has been sentenced to a decade of imprisonment and three years of supervised release due to the purchase of U47700 Opioid using Cryptocurrency. The accused named Marcus Lenard Armstrong was involved in the trafficking of the lethal opioid from November 2016 to January 2018. It was found that all of the packages have been mailed to a location in Charlotte of North Carolina. The police caught the person red-handed who was receiving the packages and claimed they were for a family friend where the family friend turned out to be Armstrong. The police seized the package and later on determined that the white powder was U47700 which is an illicit synthetic opioid. The court document stated that two more packages were left to be delivered at the same address in Charlotte.

The day Armstrong has went to the post office enquiring about the expected delivery of the packages, he was arrested. An U.S. postal inspector, who was present at that place when Armstrong arrived to inquire, asked him some additional information regarding the package and its contents. Soon enough, he became pretty much suspicious and assaulted the police while trying to escape. Armstrong was arrested just outside the post office. After his arrest, the accused was placed on pre-trial release with the electronic monitoring where he tried to flee off. He was again arrested and placed in the federal custody.

Armstrong is pleaded guilty having charges of drug trafficking in the month of April 2018. Court files stated that he was buying the dangerous opioid via the dark web using Cryptocurrency on multiple darknet markets. The accused was sentenced to a decade of imprisonment and three years of supervised release. The darknet markets is acting as a source from where all the criminal activities are flourishing.


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