Online Scams: Youth Convicted For Bank Cheques Forgery Cheap Hotel Wi-Fi


A boy aged 24 who was held in a case of online scam, have never worked in an institution yet he owns two Mercedes cars he bought all in cash. He also helps his family, bought them a house and a power-driven boat through cash dealings. When the police inquired that how he has earned his riches, he said the money comes from her mother’s job as a stripper. But it was stolen money from others.

The boy, Carlos Miguel Rodriguez will be judged and he might spend decades in prison as per laws and regulation on online scam. The boy who studied computer science from Miami- Dade College was held guilty and was taken to the court. He helped a gang of thieves and scammers to steal almost $ 1.3 million from banks by adopting a technical way of scamming and stealing through checks. As per the court documents the young man worked as an IT personnel for a gang of scammers. He can be sentenced to 32 years of federal prison.

The gang, this boy used to work with used Cryptocurrency to purchase private data from the dark web, an online marketplace for cybercriminals, where they can buy and sell other people’s private information which has been hacked by someone else. They used to draw fraudulent cheques in the name of those people whose identities have been stolen or the data purchased from the dark web. They have encashed the cheques with false IDs in states like Utah and Arizona. Court document says that the thieves are so good in their jobs of online scam that they stole around $ 100,000 within a weekend and net total was $1.3 million via their online scam.

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Jurisdiction says that the boy and his family might have got benefits of around half a million dollars. Rodriguez’s father has also been allegedly convicted to be in the play with the gang behind this online scam. The police raided into Rodriguez’s house regarding an investigation into illegal cock-fighting rings in October 2018. The court document does not disclose that how they got to know that cock-fighting is going over there in Rodriguez’s area or home. But after the search started in full swing, the officers came to discover a lot more than they had expected. The court papers suggest that the officers found a pair of disposable cell phones, a bunch of forged checks, and a laptop.

The boy had sophisticated and responsible role in the whole conspiracy. Their gang had extorted bunches of cheques from bank officials or any other undisclosed source. Rodriguez then used to purchase the identities, addresses and private information from the dark web using Cryptocurrency. This way it was easier for them to access the bank accounts of the victims online or over a telephonic conversation. With that permission and access, he can then alter the victim’s contact info on their bank accounts and download the copies of bank cheques so they can do the scam on those cheques later and withdraw money from those victim’s accounts.

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As per the court report papers, he used to lodge rooms in infamous and less popular hotels and use their room Wi-Fi to do these transactions on the dark web and the websites of the banks. It is notable in court papers that after he got arrested by the police in 2018, Rodriguez has told the witnesses who were cooperating that he had planned to claim that the illegitimate income came into the household by her mother who is a stripper. If her mother is actually involved or works anywhere like that it is still under the veil. The crime they have committed by forging the cheques of innocent citizens using the techniques of online scam is heinous. There were 6 people who were arrested in this case and Rodriguez is the first one to be pleaded as guilty.

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