OnePlus Discloses Data breach


OnePlus the iconic smart phone manufacturer has recently made it to the news ongoing a cybersecurity incident. As reported to the media, the phone is vulnerable to hackers because of a bug it contains within which resulted in hackers getting access to data and information of its user and consumer base. OnePlus has suffered a massive data breach as they revealed  it via emails and also issued a notice to its loyal customers. The security team had noticed a breach of their customer data as reveled in the notice. Investigating and looking closely on the problems and the reason behind it became clear it was a matter of security breach and had been carried out by hackers or any other third party actor having interest on the company’s rich  customer’s database.

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The attack has lead to the compromise of data that contained customer’s order details but did not expose the financial data of the customers but in some cases it did had an impact on some of the customer’s personal information. According to one of the employees of OnePlus on the security team the company is very serious about the data breach problems and is investigating the matter. The company also is against such acts and intends to keep the entire customer’s data safe and secure. The company is working very hard to understand the reason about what factors led to this attacks and to plug in all the loopholes there is the system.

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As soon as the attack was brought to the notice of the security team of OnePlus they acted swiftly and with ease to contain the attack from spreading further and took all the precautionary measures that was expected. The company has there by fixed all such vulnerability that was in their system and also had emailed all the effected users via email.

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