Dark Web Hackers Are Planning for a Pseudo Ticket Scam for the 2020 Olympics


Pseudo Ticket Scam: The Tokyo 2020 Olympics organizers have revealed the ticket prices for the 2020 Olympics at a press release that was held in the late July this year. It was also known that the tickets for the same will be up for sale only for the Japanese residents from spring next year. But the exact date from when the tickets can be bought is yet to be announced but this has been made clear that for the Olympics enthusiasts that they can only secure seats for themselves after registering themselves online.

Lately, a ticket hacking scam or pseudo ticket scam for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have been planned and the news has been uncovered on the dark web discussion forums. As per the news reports, the hackers have been caught planning for targeting the American and Japanese ticket buyers by sending them fake ticket offers through an email which is a process to steal the private data of the ticket-buyers.

This particular plan of the hackers’ was brought into notice by a Singapore based security firm named Antuit that said the hackers have been discussing their plans on the dark web since the August of last year. The motive of the planning to sell fake tickets for 2020 Olympics is to compromise the victim’s computers/systems or their smartphones to access their data like the bank account details. Basing on the analysis of Antuit regarding the hackers’ conversations, one of the hackers claimed that a scam attack is already in the process that is planned to target nearly 17000 individuals from the Japan and the U.S. It has already been stated at a World Press, that measures are being taken to curb the scam which otherwise w2ould turn the 2020 Olympics into a catastrophic event. Proper awareness has been provided regarding the exact time and date of the ticket sale.


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