Old Silk Road Market: Donald Trump Forced to Commute Ross Ulbricht Sentence

Silk Road Market

The administrator of the shutdown infamous Silk Road Marketplace, Ross Ulbricht has won the hearts of a number of people including Mike Cernovich, a conservative commentator, who recently called on the U.S president to tamper justice with mercy.

Questions raised concerning his prosecution makes his followers wonder if justice was indeed made. Following a number of failed appeals, the mastermind of the Silk Road Marketplace seems to have run out of options, except the rare possibility of the presidential pardon.

Ulbricht is serving a double life sentence in addition to forty years in prison without parole after being found guilty of multiple charges including using his Silk Road Marketplace to commit money laundering, computer hacking, continuing a criminal enterprise and aiding and abetting the distribution of drugs.

In addition to the known political figures and the over 200,000 people who have signed a petition online to plead with the president to commute the sentence of Ulbricht, Cernovich has mounted more pressure by questioning whether the U.S President has any vision to honour these requests. “Will @realDonaldTrump has the vision to commute the sentence of Ross Ulbricht,” he Tweeted. This may not make any difference to the petitions signed by many but will form a part of the voices mounting pressure for a difference to be made.

Silk Road Market

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Ulbricht and his family have also asked the cryptocurrency community to help call on President Trump to commute the sentence. It was earlier reported that he asked Roger Ver, a proponent of Bitcoin Cash to add his voice through a video to draw the attention of the president to pardon him with his power. This has reached the ears of the Libertarian party who made effort to carry his request to the president in a bid to commute the sentence of Ulbricht.

During their annual convention, the U.S Libertarian Party passed a resolution to president Donald Trump, to honour the request of the Silk Road Marketplace founder with a full pardon.

During their annual convention, Darryl Perry, a former chairman of the Libertarian Party of New Hampshire labelled Ulbricht as a political prisoner. In his statement, he expressed emphatically that “they need to send a message now, and in two years, and also, in two more years that there is a political prisoner serving a double life sentence plus forty years in prison for running a website.”

According to Nicholas Sarwark, the current chairman of the Libertarian Party, they will be left with no option than to elect a new Libertarian President in their next general election if their demand of aiding to commute the sentence of Ulbricht is not met.

In addition to the many prominent figures who stand with Ulbricht, Eric Brakey, a Maine state senator also believes that the Silk Road Marketplace founder was treated unfairly by the judicial system.

Silk Road Market

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According to some reports, Ulbricht believes that he was treated unfairly during the investigation of his case and the prosecution as well, though his appeals always have a low chance to be successful.

Ulbricht and his legal counsels believe that his fourth and sixth amendment rights were violated in the process of his trial and investigation. The fourth amendment was violated because it is reported that the government agents did not go through the due process to collect Silk Road Marketplace website traffic information. These were done without a probable cause and a warrant.

Also, his sixth amendment right was said to have been violated by handing him an outrageous sentence based on an allegation that he contracted people to facilitate murder-for-hire.

In June this year, it was reported that Ross Ulbricht has filed a document with the New York Southern District Court seeking for his sentence to be vacated, set aside or corrected.

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