Oasis Market Marks the Possibility of Exit Scam


The Oasis Market has gone offline as the news spread like fire, people all over the world is suspecting the darknet market to have performed an exit scam on their users. In this Monero seems to have incurred the biggest loss as not only has it lost the chance of setting a strong foothold in the sphere of darknet markets but as well any traction it has gained. It seems like the Oasis Market has joined the long list of the darknet markets that have scammed their users prior to this by suddenly going offline for a few days and then left. The Oasis Market seems to have duped 150 BTC and an unknown number of Monero.

It is believed that before this scam, the Oasis Market was on the right path of becoming a reputable name in the zone of the darknet markets. As the notion about the darknet market is becoming firm on the possibility of the exit scam, the users of the OasisMarket have begun discussing the fate of the website. A group of users is still optimistic about the return of the Oasis Market while the other users are in the search for new approaches with which they can retrieve their lost money.

Although there is a question of whether or not the OasisMarket will return, yet there are other alternatives that are even trustworthy. Some of the alternatives are Dream Market, AlphaBay Market, and Silk Road 3. In the case of Silk Road 3, it a questionable thing, whether to trust the Silk Road again at it, has already staked their user’s trust twice. Dream Market, on the other hand, is more trustworthy than the other two as in the 2015 Agora market fall, it has absorbed a good number of the users.


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