New Zealand on Further Investigation of Infrastructure to Fight Darknet Crime


The government of New Zealand has been badly defeated by the increasing darknet crimes. It has been prompted to immediately restore order and reduce the rate of crime in the country (fight darknet crime). The law enforcement has laid out more critical and technical approach to mitigate the darknet crimes such as the drug trafficking, deals of the illegal firearms and others. For long it has been believed that the arrest of the dark web users very frequently have been the only way to curb and fight darknet  crime. However, improvements have been noted as the other tested methods have been implemented by several developed nations to fight crimes associated to darknet.

Despite of the arrests made from all corners of the world, New Zealand is experiencing a sharp rise in the drug trafficking and abusage cases. The situation is based on the ease of ordering illicit drugs through the internet and can remain anonymous. The hike in the darknet crimes such as drug trafficking in New Zealand have left the law enforcement unspoken requiring them to upgrade their game. This has led to the police studying and investigating how exactly the dark web operates to counter it quickly.

Due to the ever changing way of cybercrime in the dark web, hundreds of the new detectives are provided training with the particular attention to the drugs, illicit weapons darknet markets and other criminal networks or enterprise. It is believed that the exercise will help to continuously develop smart and innovative ways to curb the challenges that the police have been facing. Along with this the community is expected to see and feel the presence of a stronger and more reliable police force with time. The police will be investigating the fishy businesses while patrolling within the community without leaving anything unturned.


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