Nucleus Market Recently Gone Offline


The dark web is a hub for the darknet marketplaces that have lately flourished a lot. Thousands of the users in the hotly contested place appear on a daily basis to purchase products of their needs. One of such darknet market place is the Nucleus Market that unexpectedly went offline on 13th of April 2016 and there has been no explanation from the team behind the going down of the darknet market and that the users of the Market have so easily jumped into the conclusion of a supposedly “exit scam” although, no one was quite sure of what actually was happened. The Nucleus Market have been one of the largest darknet marketplaces that was in operation and was involved in swift trade on the basis of the underground items such as the carding techniques, user account details of Uber and Netflix and recreational drugs.

Although the users have concluded it to be a supposedly exit scam but there could be secondary conclusions as a hack or FBI raid. But the majority of the users have had their pointers towards the exit scam thing as it is not the first time the users have experienced but rather in the maximum of cases this is the only reason for going down of the darknet markets and that Nucleus Market is no different.

Thus, the users of the  Market were under utter trouble as the fate of the Nucleus Market is pretty unclear and the users do not know what to do in this situation. There was no notice from the marketplace of what actually have happened. It their assumptions about the going down of the Nucleus Market is true then, the users will lose a lot of their cryptocurrencies as the administrators of the Nucleus Market might have had fled away with their currencies.


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