More Than 30% of Internet Users in the North America Used Dark Web in 2019, Report


Many reports have stated that the popularity of the dark web has increased since the FBI shut down the infamous Silk Road market in 2013. A recent report published has also confirmed the increase in the use of the dark web with over 30% of respondents in the North America strongly resorting to the hidden part of the internet to keep their identity and internet activities private from third parties.

Over the years, the dark web has been associated with illegal trade, scaring many people away from using it. However, the use of the dark web has increased significantly in recent years within the North America and Latin America region.

According to the survey published by the Precisesecurity researchers, the North America was by far the leading region with most daily dark web usage of 26%. The region also recorded a weekly dark web usage of 7% according to the research. This is a considerable increase and an indicator that many people are gradually getting aware of the existence of the dark web.

Latin America took the second position of the region with most dark web daily visits with 21%. It had a higher weekly visit compared to the North America with 13% as captured in the report.
Europe was the third-highest ranked region with the dark web daily usage of 17%. Its weekly usage was 11%, which was better than the weekly record of the North America and very close to the percentage of Latin America.

The North America

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The increase in usage of the dark web presents two important things. It is either a course for concern or a good indication of people making use of the anonymous feature of the part of the internet to extend the services of their business to people within Google restricted regions.

The researchers went ahead to gather and compile the intention of the users regarding the use of the TOR and the dark web. From the report, 40% of respondents in the North America and other regions stated that going anonymous on the internet was the primary reason for using the Dark web. In addition, 26% of the respondents admitted to using the dark web primarily to get access to documents or unavailable contents in their location.

This makes a lot of sense as most of them are located in the BRICS, African and Middle Eastern countries according to the report. Some of this percentage of respondents also linked their usage of the dark web to protecting their online privacy and overcoming government censorship.

38% of respondents in the North America claimed they use the dark web to protect their privacy from the internet companies. 25% of them also use the dark web to protect themselves from foreign governments according to the research. 

The BBC News recently announced their decision to go live on the dark web to offer services to citizens of countries that have restricted access to their contents. The research establishes that most of the dark web users have a clear conscience and have no intention to engage in anything illegal while exploring the dark web.

On the dark web are books that cannot be found on the surface web, articles that cannot be found on the surface web, or forums and communities with good agendas that cannot be accessed on the surface web. The survey highlights how people intend to access this part of the internet and operate within the framework of the law.

The North America

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The report captured the main reason why some people do not use the dark web. It was wrongly speculated that the majority of internet users do not use the TOR and the dark web because it is associated with illegal stuff. Contrary to that perception, only 13% of respondents in the North America and other regions associated their decisions not to use the dark web to illegal stuff. 45% of the respondents admitted that they have no clear reason for not using the dark web. 50% of them revealed that they do not use the dark web because they have no idea how to operate it.

The dark web started getting a lot of media attention after the Silk Road saga. With the perception that the saga would prevent people from using it out of fear, its usage has instead increased. Law enforcement has recently associated a number of unlawful sale of drugs and high incidents of overdose death to the existence of this part of the internet.

Regardless of what is claimed by the media and the speculated reason that link dark web to criminals, the research has demonstrated the fact that there are most people who use it to protect their privacy and access contents restricted in their regions. 

Source: Precisesecurity

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