Nightmare Market Introduces Dark Mode, Stability & Speed Movements


It was just less than an hour of Nightmare Market going temporarily offline for maintenance that the Nightmare Market Update has been released stating that the website has undergone a variation in the user interface in a major way along with the bug fixes and a promise that more interesting features will be available in the future. The Nightmare Market Update has been so performed that the admin of the market has worked on a complete design overhaul for almost five months but has been delayed only by the continuous denial of service (DOS) attacks. The admin have put several things in their priority list of which the first and foremost priority was to ensure that the deposits and the withdrawals work efficiently and that the market itself remained accessible throughout the attacks. Since the DOS attack has started, the attackers have only tried to bring down the market but the market remained online and the attackers had rarely managed to bring down even a single link.

The redesigning for the Nightmare Market Update has been completed by the market’s staff on 20th of June making the market easier to access for both buyers and sellers. One of the market’s staffs has even written in an update on Dread that the brand new design is meant to give the users a much easier and faster way to navigate and get things done. The responses to the Nightmare Market Update have primarily been positive on the dark web forums as the darknet market is much faster. There has been a huge surge in the traffic, vendors and even the customers after the sequence of dark web market shut down or rendered inoperable due to the attacks. As per the latest figures that have been provided by the market, so far, 94,858 users have joined the market and more than 3,500 large vendors have as well.

Dark Mode

After the Nightmare Market Update, Dark Mode will be available as shown in the picture below.


In the Nightmare Market Update, the market has explained that the update would help them remain consistently stable and secure. According to one of the staffs, they have already had less downtime than their competition and the update will help the market continue to stay online and make any future changes more easily implemented without having any downtime.


No user funds during the lost downtime. The latest update of the Nightmare Market has eliminated the delays for Cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. Following the update, all the six coins are working normally viz., Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, Monero, and Dash.

Along with the improvements that have been listed above, the market has made improvements to the search feature and allowing buyers to more easily find specific products and vendors and as well as advertise their listings hassle free. If you have somehow missed the official announcement on Dread or on the official news section of the Nightmare Market, here is the copy of the update.

Below is a list of the official market links. These dark net links have been signed and are available on Dread and as well as here.

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