Dangerous Dark Web Malware: NiceHash Founder Charged


The federal bureau of Investigation, commonly known as FBI is chasing the hackers that is inclusive of the founder of the Cryptocurrency mining marketplace named NiceHash for an alleged plot to create and as well as distribute malware through the major dark web forum named by Darkode. The authorities’ say that Darkode was a criminal organization that has been powered by a password protected online forum. Darkode has been utilized by the high level international hackers and the other cybercriminals to purchase, sell, trade and as well as share hacking tools, information and related ideas.

For the racketeering conspiracy and conspiracy to commit wire and bank fraud, three people have been charged – American Thomas McCormack, Spaniard Florencio Carro Ruiz, and Slovenes Mentor Leniqi and Matjaz Skorjanc. Each of the racketeering conspiracy charge includes extortion, access device fraud, and identity theft as the press release from Department of Justice (DoJ) dated 5th of June 2019 confirmed.

Matjaz “iserdo” Skorjanc is the creator of the Cryptocurrency mining marketplace most commonly known as NiceHash. He has also built the malware that has infected over one million machines to form the Mariposa botnet which is one of the largest ever recorded. It is said that Skorjanc and his crew have marketed the malware bearing claims it could spread fast to other computers upon the infection, launch DDoS attacks and steal banking credentials.

Skorjanc has already served nearly 5 years in the prison for creating the Mariposa botnet and was released in late 2017. The most recent charge of FBI pertaining to his efforts and accomplices to disseminate malware via the Darkode hacking forum.  Skorjanc and his acquaintances are still on run while the FBI has managed to get hold of American Thomas McCormack, who is one of the four fugitives.

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