New Zealand Government Grants Research on Darknet Drug Supply


New Zealand government funds scientific research studies since 1994 through Marsden Funds and this year is no different. In the year 2017, the funds provided over 100 grants that totalled over $80 million, most of which go to the universities. The grants are named after an English New Zealand physicist, Ernest Marsden who is well known for his research surrounding the structure of atom. This year that total grant approved is over $85 million which will go to the research of a variety of subjects like psychology of gaming and virtual pregnancies. A grant to Massey University’s SHORE & Whariki Research Centre will also be given, where the professor named Chris Wilkins will investigate the dark web’s role on the illicit drug supply in New Zealand. The grant in general totals over $860,000 where the study will not be limited to finding out the volume and kinds of the drugs sold over the dark web but simultaneously analyze the waste water of New Zealand to draw conclusions about drug use in the country.

Considering the general conditions, the world is moving towards the liberal drug policies. As for example, a significant reduction in crime has been seen since the legalization of drugs. On the other hand, Duterte’s authoritarian drug policies have claimed lives of thousands. A former Prime Minister of New Zealand from 1999 to 2008, Helen Clark, has lately expressed concerns about the New Zealand’s drug policy. The executive director of the NZ Drug Foundation, Ross Bell claimed earlier in this year that New Zealand spends millions of fiat money annually to arrest thousands of the drug users and drug dealers but still it could not eradicate the highest rates of drug use all throughout the world that particularly affects the young generation. The fund will help the government know the darknet better.


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