New York: Dark Web Drug Ring’s Two More Members under Sentence


On February 2019, a New York based drug trafficker named Robert Ian Thatcher was sentenced to 23 years of imprisonment having accused of possessing, processing and distribution of fentanyl analogue. Two more members of the same darknet drug ring (New York Drug Ring) under the same accuse of trafficking and distribution of drugs have been arrested and sentenced to several years in the federal prison.

The two men named Scott K. Fairbanks (29 years old) and Jesus Rivera (26 years old) were recently sentenced imprisonment. The former accused belonging from Randolph of New York has been sentenced to seven and half years in the federal prison against the conspiracy to possess having the intent to distribute the drugs that contains 100 grams or more of a fentanyl analogue. The latter belonging from Elmira of New York was sentenced to serve nine years in the federal prison on the similar charges by the same judge Frank P. Geraci, Jr. The case has been prosecuted by the Assistant U.S. Attorney named Brett A. Harvey who has states that the two accused were mid-level distributors in the organization and has operated in the northern Pennsylvania and the southern New York region from 2015 till May 2017. There were quite a lot of people engaged in the darknet New York drug ring of which most of them were arrested and had been sentenced.

The counterfeit drugs especially the pills against the fake prescription and as well as the synthetic drugs are manufactured in a greater quantity creating a concern for the authorities as they pose a lot of peril. Designer or the synthetic drugs such as MDMA which is also known as the psychoactive substances (NPSs) have gained a lot of popularity and have become the replacement for the illegal traditional drugs like the cocaine.


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