Bitcoin Cash Developers: Privacy Preserving Light Client Neutrino to be Launched


The efficient developers behind the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) full node Bchd have announced that they are going to release the beta version of the lightweight client Neutrino that is made available on the Android phones. The protocol engaging Neutrino is not only amazingly fast but the client is considered to be a privacy preserving light wallet as it uses a concept known as the “client-side filtering ”. The announcement was done on 16th of March by Chris Pacia and Bchd. Though the wallet is in the beta version, yet the light client is made available for download on the Google Play Store. Neutrino uses the Simplified payment Verification (SPV) that allows the users to store coins is a non-custodial way. The special payment verification wallets have been in the market for quite some time now (BIP0037) and not all of them are same.

The developers of the full node Bchd client that is written in the Golang have decided to use the client-side Neutrino wallet that is completely unrelated to Lightning. Above all, the other wallets can use the Neutrino protocol if they wish to in order to support the SPV experience. The way in which the client-side filtering works is through full odes that create a filter for each of the block in the chain. The nodes store these filters on disk along with the block. Currently, the app in the Google Play Store states that the wallet is still in the beta development and may be unstable.

Therefore, the users should probably experiment and test with Neutrino with a small fraction of funds and wait for a stable version to release and then use the wallet regularly. The Bitcoin supporters seemed to be very happy with the Neutrino as it reflected on their social media accounts and forums.


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