Neo-Nazi Publisher Andrew Anglin Receives a Large Bitcoin Donation


The White nationalist ‘Unite the Right Rally’ occurred in Charlottesville in August 2017. One week later after the rally, Andrew Anglin who is well known as the publisher of the Daily Stormer and was also one of the chief proponents of the rally has received an extraordinary cash infusion to keep running his hate website. The amount received was 14.88 Bitcoin. The figure has also referenced a 14 word white supremacist credo and the eighth letter of the alphabet repeated. This probably was one of the extremist helping another while the benefactor was sharing a small part of a $25 million Bitcoin fortune.

The donation was sizeable by any measure as he received over $60,000 at the time and Anglin had earned it. The world’s largest Neo Nazi publications was known as the Daily Stormer that belonged to Anglin who further used it to promote the rally and stroke violence in Charlottesville. In one of the posts, he had even written “We want a war”. He would let the extremists use his message boards in order to plan logistics. It is pretty weird to know that during the rally, a Neo-Nazi rammed his car into a counter protestor named Heather Heyer and murdered her while Anglin celebrated the same on his website the next day. The domain registrars had dropped the Daily Stormer after that that is followed by Cloudflare that used to protect his website from denial of service (DOS) attacks. This pushed Anglin to bounce to the dark web. The shadowy donor had then stepped with the 14.88 Bitcoin donation.

It has been two years now and still the name of the donor or his identity has not come into light. But at the same time, one of the veteran information security researchers is getting closer The veteran information security researcher is known by John Bambenek who is the vice president of security research and intelligence for cybersecurity firm named ThreatSTOP who has spent months digging through the various sites on Bitcoin transactions and has discovered that whoever has made the donation to Anglin is very close to $25 million in Bitcoin.

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