NCIDE Task Force: Dark Web Xanax Drug Vendor The Real Xanav USA Identified


The Northern California illicit Digital Economy Task Force (NCIDE) has identified yet another darknet Vendor and have updated in their onion website which is the Dark web website accessible by the Tor browser and is also not crawled the regular search engine. The vendor that is being identified by the task force has its presence in almost all the top darknet markets like the Empire Market and the Cryptonia market.

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Earlier this year Northern California illicit Digital Economy Task Force(NCIDE) had launched an onion website which had names of arrested vendors as well as a list of NorCal Vendors. The vendors being arrested by the task force is the one that is self explanatory. The list of identified vendor is fairly less self explanatory though. The question remains that if the law enforcement knows about the vendor and its whereabouts and activities then why release the information before making the arrest. The news is not good news for the identified Darknet vendors. The NCIDE has been very active in maintaining the site and spreading and updating the list of vendors that they come across. The first version of the site included only one arrested vendors which was followed by the update of the names of the NorCal vendors and the next update added names to both the lists.

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The latest entry in the list is the vendor named “The Real Xanav USA “which is a pseudo name. According to the online platform Dread the user had multiple accounts on different market place. The clue was given by one of the user on Dread to the task force as he mentioned in the comment that the vendor recently used the Cryptonia market and the Empire market. The vendor used the Xanav USA username on the Empire market and The Real Xanav USA on the Cryptonia market according to the comment.

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