2 Accused Arrested by Mumbai NCB for Using Bitcoin to Buy Cannabis on Darknet


The Mumbai Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) has lately arrested two accused from Rajasthan and Gujarat who were reported to be a part of the major drug smuggling syndicate that have used Bitcoins to purchase drugs from the Darknet markets. Bitcoins are taken as the most costly of the Cryptocurrency and are valued at approximately ₹ 5 lakh per unit. The accused has been identified as Hitesh Patel and Divyansh Gautam of Jaipur.

The NCB officials have stated that they have uncovered the racket while conducting the seizure of 224 grams of Cannabis through a courier company at the airport. While interrogating, the woman who was responsible for picking up the consignment gave the police a lead on Hitesh Patel by letting them know that she was to deliver the package to him. Patel was summoned and questioned where he allegedly admitted that so far he has imported four consignments in India that contained 2 kilograms of Cannabis. Further investigations got Gautam arrested and during the investigations, he allegedly confessed that he arranged finances and has also facilitated the KYC for the shipments.

The officials has revealed that the accused the identified lapses in the courier and also the speed post systems where they have used fake KYCs and provided addresses to the closed shops and residences for the deliveries. Gautam was the mastermind of such way of drug peddling and also smuggling the Cannabis in such a unique technique. At the initial phase, Gautam was allegedly involved in supplying the drugs to the students in a Gujarat based University that provides education on petroleum in the past.

An official has opened up about their way of trading drugs where he said that the accused used to place bulk orders and used to split them into smaller shipments that made the individual seizure quantities smaller. Also, the accused used to deal with high quality and quantity Cannabis through their international connections.


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