NSA Grant: Ferris State University of Michigan Receives Darknet Analysis Curriculum


Michigan based Ferris State University has been granted $ 130,000 by the US National Security Agency (NSA) to support them in developing social media analysis and dark web curriculum with a strong focus on cybersecurity and Cryptocurrency. The NSA has also promised to provide the necessary classroom tools and high-quality training for the faculty. The grant was carried out due to the rigid presence of the Ferris State University in the digital forensics arena.

In the year 2013, during the summer, the Department of Defence designated the  and Intelligence Program (ISI) to the Ferris State University. The program highly focussed on the data analytics and cybersecurity. This led to a large number of female enrolments. According to the Director of Ferris Center of Cybersecurity and Data Science, the majority of the dark web and social media analysis courses are made available for the students on the basis of the marketing perspectives. On the other hand, the National Security Agency grant will permit these analyses from a Cryptocurrency and cybersecurity perspectives.

The goals of the grant includes awareness and seizure to the extent of the cybersecurity crimes that are increasing day by day and causing more threat on the corporate, national and personal levels. The grant makes it possible for the university to teach their students and the partner organizations about how to properly investigate the criminal offenses that include dark web, social media and Cryptocurrency. The program has been trying to tackle the issues with the cybercrime for over a decade. With this grant, the people will be able to defend themselves from such attacks. Another goal is to motivate the students to take part in the cyber competition that is held in the FSU Cyber Competition Center.


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