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QTUM: As we have done on previous occasions, we will get to know in detail the criptomoneda. Starting with exposing the platform began operating in September 2017, primarily targeted to businesses. Is not exposed beyond this, because this is the history of always, that is to say, a criptomoneda looking to be unique. The way managed to meet his ideal was using a technology mixed, inheriting the best of Ethereum and Bitcoin? It works with a technology Blockchain designed to blend the element of contract smart Ethereum with the stable characteristics of the Blockchain of Bitcoin, as well as the use of the consensus mechanism of ‘proof of participation’ to verify the property.

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This system is called the UTXO. According to the document published by its founders, QTUM is the first system of contract-based smart UTXO with a consensus model of test participation. It is for this reason that this crypto is important and unique, enhancing the theme of the Cryptocurrencies mixed. In simple terms, this means that you add coins that are not spent on multiple transactions in the wallet of the user, and selects the next node creator function of the number of coins held by each node. This helps to achieve two objectives. Due to the combination of the systems, daps created in Ethereum will also be compatible with QTUM.

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Once you know what you’re going to study, we can use our tool Crypto Online to track prices in real-time. Something funny is that I said the name of his criptomoneda, being QTUM, but in uppercase. Note that this is ranked number 33 of the list, defended with a value of $1.71. In addition, it presents a variation of a slight fall of 0.86%. Although this is not significant to the study of the past seven days the trend has been fixed.

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