Minerva Market


The Minerva Market is an absolutely new darknet marketplace that has cropped up after the most popular darknet marketplace went down, the Nucleus marketplace. The admins of the Minerva darknet marketplace are claiming that the darknet marketplace is under testing for a period of 5 months before its release and the admins have opened the gates for the honest feedback regarding the improvement of the darknet marketplace. Due to the latest emergence of the Minerva marketplace, the website contains a very limited number of listing which obviously is not a great surprise. Apart from CP, there are no restrictions on the listing type, which implies that one would be able to find all sorts of the various products and services on the darknet marketplace.

One of the most important things that the Minerva Market is losing out on but is pointed by the people is the fact that the darknet marketplace does not make encryption mandatory for the buyers. While it is clearly a rule for the darknet marketplace and also levied on the buyers and the sellers that it is necessary to encrypt the data and the messages between the buyers and the sellers. Surprisingly, the admins are claiming that the Minerva Market website is secure on their end and they have made the encryption optional aiding to make the process of ordering stuffs easier for the new users. Another important thing, not to be ignored is that the darknet marketplace takes 0% provision and will continue doing so for the initial three months.


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