Microsoft Database Leaks 250 Million Customer Service Records


Microsoft cloud data scam has been misconfigured containing 14 years of customer support records to make sure that customer information has been stored in a scam-proof manner. The database has been exposed containing 250 million records to the open internet for the last 25 days database scam. The account information has its roots back as far as 2005 and as recent as December 2019. This database exposes all the Microsoft customers to phishing and tech scams, including malware and Trojan Software. This is a major Microsoft scam that compromises millions of customer data.

Microsoft said that it is in the process of notifying affected customers. This kind of Microsoft scam has not happened before, and it very astonishing that millions of people have their faith in this company. The security research team of various organizations have come together to find a solution to this grave problem. As that confirmed it, it ran across five Elasticsearch servers that had been listed down by search engine BinaryEdge, each with a similar copy of the database. The data scam will comprise a wealth of phishing and fraud ready information in plain text, which includes Customer email addresses, IP addresses, and physical locations along with the descriptions of customer service claims and cases, case numbers, resolutions and remarks they include private notes named as conferred as confidential.


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In short, it’s everything a cyber hacker or cyber attackers find perfect, and they would need to climb up a convincing and large-scale fraud effort, which is, according to Paul Bischoff, he has written in a posting on Wednesday. The Microsoft scam is historical, and the most pathetic in the same way said. These Tech supports and scams have an entailing effect on the scammer who contacted users and pretending to be a Microsoft support representative in this Microsoft scam. These kinds of data scams are quite unpredictable, and even when scammers do not have any personal data about their goals, targets which often have made it own for the Microsoft scam that how it affects their lives. The Microsoft has proved itself to be not trustworthy, and dealing with them; you can quickly end up here in this case of the biggest Microsoft scam.

On this point, Microsoft has something to say that is even more pathetic to listen to; they have said that the exposure to that data scam to the scammers was limited. But it is to be noted that the fraud has gone running for 25 days in the holidays. They have conducted on an experimental basis, a workweek, with four days working for the employees. The result was impressive, but it should be observed that if at this rate they keep leaking people’s data, then there is going to be no trust in the minds of the people after the big Microsoft scam.

Microsoft scam has reached up to the tech support and has been in the cybercrime focus even before, these data scams after the calculating and computing giant declared a data scam that has its stems from the compromise of a support agent’s credentials and other personal identification details. This enabled individuals outside Microsoft to access the targets’ email account-related information, which also includes the email addresses, names of the folders, email subject headers, and the sender’s email addresses.


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Meanwhile, cloud database misconfigurations, even by tech giants of the data scam in the industry and cloud specialists, and these have become a bit of an epidemic in the environment of thecyberceurity. Adobe, for instance, in October, was exposed to data scams where the subscription records for nearly 7.5 million Adobe Creative Cloud users were stolen and compromised. The service has offers like the cloud-based access to popular Adobe products such as Lightroom, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign, Premiere Pro, Audition, After Effects, and a lot more of them.

The Verizon 2019 Data Scam Incident Report (DSIR) in May have found that misconfiguration of cloud-based file storage of data scam in last year that was caused by errors and negligence by the security professionals of the tech giants. In all, cloud storage mishaps like the Microsoft scam have exposed a whopping 60 million records in the history of humanity.

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