Couple Behind Pseudonym ‘MH4Life’ Found Guilty to Fentanyl Operation


The dark web fentanyl trade carried on by a Texas couple has been identified by the U.S. Department of Justice as the prime figures behind the fentanyl trade and have been pleaded guilty to the charges of drug distribution. The pair has regarded of the activities of peddling fentanyl on the dark web through the pseudonym or the vendor handle “MH4Life”. They have used several darknet markets to run their business that includes the Dream Market, AlphaBay and Silk Road. The accused pair has been identified as Mathew Roberts and Holly Roberts who faced a federal court followed by the end of the investigations on their exploits under the ‘Operation Darkness falls’ which is a multi-agency initiative aimed to tackle the currently raging opioid crisis.

The couple has been arrested in April 2018. The achievement was gained by the observers as a major milestone in the fight against the drugs especially the sale of the illegal items over the dark web marketplaces. The authorities have discovered that the pair used to operate their online drug business under the cover of the several locations around their neighbourhood that includes an extended stay hotel in the region.

This particular location was used by the couple to keep their drug ring ongoing. After the conviction, the authorities have successfully confiscated the major pieces of evidence to be used in the court. The only method that has been applied on the accused couple was via an undercover purchase of methamphetamine via the Dream Market (DNM). Within a few days of placing the order, the authorities have back-track the address which has pointed to the Texas and has matched the same USPS parcel box close to San Antonio. It was also found out that the vendor account “MH4Life” was operated for the last seven years.


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