Man Who Used A Messaging App To Order Drugs From The Dark Web Arrested


A 28-year-old Indian has been arrested for buying drugs through a mobile messaging app and paying for them with cryptocurrency via the dark web. The culprit Nemish Mahesh Kamath, a native of Chembur, had placed the other and paid for it to be shipped to his address in his country.

Kamath was arrested by Mumbai police after the city’s airport customs officers seized a courier parcel, which was from overseas and en route to an address under Kamath’s name. He was booked under the Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substances Act and detained in judicial custody for further investigation.

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The parcel was subsequently examined by customs officers of the Mumbai airport and was revealed to be containing 117 grams of a plant product, a substance that is banned under the Narcotics Drug and Psychotropic Substances Act.

During interrogation, Kamath revealed that he got to know about the dark web and how it works, through a man he met on the messaging app. The mystery man then told him about the types of drugs and synthetic opioids available on the many dark web marketplaces and how to buy them.

Kamath added that he would spend days on the messaging app just to get all the information he needed to buy drugs off the dark web.
He, however, told custom officers that, he wasn’t a regular user or a dark web drug dealer but instead, someone who was curious and wanted to know how the dark web worked. According to investigators, the drug which Kamath had ordered, was a synthetic marijuana, which is completely undetectable in blood tests.

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Further investigation into the arrest has been launched by authorities as investigators, believe that, this case could be part of a much bigger drug syndicate where synthetic opioids and other drugs are ordered on the dark web through mobile messaging app to avoid being caught.

Additional reports from investigators stated that Kamath, had also ordered a bunch of drugs through the same messaging app, only this time, with fear of getting caught, he ordered it in the name of one of his neighbors. One of the officers of the Mumbai police revealed that Kamath knew his neighbor lived in an unoccupied flat and could, therefore, take advantage of that. He made a duplicate key which he occasionally used to access the flat. Officers after tracking down the neighbor learned that he wasn’t the one who had ordered the drugs but Kamath.

Kamath’s arrest comes just weeks after a dark web drug trafficking ring that had branches in India was busted. Two culprits were arrested as officers seized 2.75 kilograms of marijuana, ganja chocolate, e-cigarettes, and hashish oil. The dark web drug trafficking ring operated in Canada and had representatives in India, who received drugs through the mail and sold them.

25-year-old Atif Salim, and his partner in crime Rohith Das, 26 both Kolkata natives, had been running operations in India for more than seven months until they were arrested in the drug bust. According to reports, the Indian police had a tip-off about a drug drop which was happening at the Kempegowda International Airport.

After months of investigation, it was revealed that Salim and Das, had been in contact with a dark web drug dealer from Canada on a messaging app “Wickr”. The Canadian drug dealer supplied them with the drugs after they had placed an order. The two culprits received the illegal substance through mails and sold them for profits.

Source: Hindustan Time

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