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Mentally Retarded Paedophile Hopes To Sexually Exploit Crying Pre-Teen

A mentally retarded paedophile who had shared videos of child rape said that he is looking forward to exploiting a crying pre-teen sexually. The accused, identified as Jack Adcock aged 25 years, used the moniker “AmySlut” while expressing his feelings to another paedophile on the dark web who was equally sick and fantasized sexual exploitation of children. 

The unknown paedophile who interacted with the accused told him that he had sexually exploited a 10-year-old kid. After knowing this, the accused had expressed his feeling to exploit a crying pre-teen sexually.

The accused was a resident of Ullet Road of Sefton Park, and he claimed his obsession started after he was intrigued with the adult porn, searched it on the internet and became embroiled in the pictures of child sexual exploitation and rape.

The prosecuting, Gerald Baxter has informed the Liverpool Crown Court the way in which the cops had acquired the information that child abuse images were being accessed on the Evesham Road.

Mr Baxter said: “When police told him why they were there he said ‘Yes, I know what you’re talking about but I don’t but I don’t want to talk anymore without legal advice.’”

When the officers on duty searched the property of the accused, the mentally retarded paedophile told the officers that there is no need to search his girlfriend’s devices and admitted that his phone and their shared laptop would suffice. At this point, the accused was not arrested. The two laptops along with the mobile phone that he used to access and store the indecent images, were seized.

The officers ran a scan on the collected devices from where they discovered 319 different pictures of children undergoing sexual exploitation and 114 children images where they were being raped. The officers had also found two extreme pornographic images on his cell phone that involved animals. 

Mr Baxter had described to the court that the paedophile duo had exchanged “extremely unpleasant” media. In the exchange, the accused had explained that he had used the pseudonym “AmySlut” for “hustle”. Furthermore, Mr Baxter had confirmed that the seized devices contained a sophisticated software that is meant to delete the internet history along with a browser that is intended to access the dark web.

Image: CTV News

In February last year, the mentally retarded paedophile was arrested and was charged with three counts – creating an indecent photo of a child, possessing an offensive image of a child, possessing extreme pornographic pictures of animals and two counts of distributing the obscene imagery of children. However, the court has not heard the accused any previous convictions.

The defending, Lionel Grieg has emphasized that the accused has pleaded guilty to all the stated charges, but he refused to comment in the police interview. He had also refused to comply with the police and attend the voluntary interviews.

Mr Grieg said: “While searching for adult pornography he became embroiled with these images.”

At the time of the offence conduction, the accused, Adcock, was a university student.

Mr Grieg said: “Rather than seeing him graduate, his mum sits at the side of court witnessing him possibly facing a term of imprisonment.”

Mr Grieg had informed the court that the discussions carried on between the two mentally retarded paedophiles were “candid” and the initial thoughts while looking at the images completely acknowledged that his deeds were wrong.

Judge Stuart Driver, QC, said: “I have been asked to suspend the sentence and I take into account the points made in particular those about the possibility of rehabilitation. In my judgement, the facts of this individual case mean that appropriate punishment could only be immediate custody.”

Finally, the accused, mentally retarded paedophile was handed a prison sentence of 16 years of which half of it will have to be served in the prison while the remaining half on the licence. Along with this, he was also handed an order of sexual harm prevention that would last for ten years and that he must sign the sex offenders ten years register.

Source: Liverpool Echo

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