Patients Medical Records Are Under Threats According To a Survey


Fraud are the most common type of incidents that strike a alarm which make your heart race and this is not a good sign at all. You are familiar with the heart stopping jolt you get when a text message arrive from an unknown source, or a call that you might get from a bank to get your credit card renewed on the phone. Identity theft occurs in various forms and it can come in various types, like when you get call from any unidentified source, asking your bank details or to share your OTP so that the bank can make certain changes on the bank and account details but what about the your medical records that are there in hospitals records like image and MRI scans. The impact of compromised medical records is devastating and life threatening and it is worse than having your financial data being stolen. Here is what you need to do keep your medical records safe and secure those are in many places on the internet available on the internet and these records are on sale on quite the number of platforms. According to the major news agency which reported in September last year, medical records of more than 24 million are floating on the internet.

Unlike a hack or intentional security breach, these medical images often include name and date of birth and sometime social security numbers lacked the basic digital security protection. Any users can get access to these images if they look where to look for without even giving much of an effort. According to a famous cyber security analyst explained that since today, the problems got worse and not better which should be the case. More than a billion images from over 35 million patient’s exams have exposed on the internet worldwide. TechCrunch and security firm have alerted the imaging centers that there were cases and that the images of these are available on the internet. They have also advised to tighten security and make the proper adjustments that are required.

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So far there has been no such response, which leaves millions of patient’s records and data at risks which leaves the information vulnerable to identity theft. After the news agency published reports small group of health experts demanded that the government step in to enforce better security protocol. But all that matter and have grabbed attention is the financial troubles, and theft. One of the survey conducted, said that 70% of the responded were concerned about their financial data. On the other hand only 49% of the participants responded, that they care about health information.

However, when your related information is used by the others to obtain medical treatment, file false claim or enact other fraudulent schemes, it might have a greater impact than the stolen financial information. Not only there are ways to digital medical records less secure, but there are various ways by which the profits can be made by using the personal health records. Errors in the medical or health records constitutes on of the biggest dangers of medical identity theft. This could mean a diagnosis you are allergic to, the wrong blood type or the wrong treatments you never actually get make into your permanent health care file.


If your medical information is stolen that might result into discrimination at your workplace. According to a survey conducted by a research institute, 45% of the respondents said that unauthorized disclosure or revelation of their heath records impacted their reputation inside the organization.

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