Teenager behind Bars Having Role in Friend’s Deadly MDMA Drug Overdose


The darknet market is flooded with the MDMA drug thus supporting the MDMA trafficking to a greater extent in the recent years and it has claimed to have taken the lives of its users. In the current news, a teenager from UK has been sentenced to 14 months of imprisonment after pleading guilty of supplying the deadly MDMA to his friends. The accused is a 19 year old teenager who purchased an amount of the MDMA (ecstasy powder) from the dark web using the Bitcoins to distribute to his friends at a Basshunter Concert. The victims of the case has been identified as Aaron Reilly and Joshua Brock who are said to have collapsed and dies after taking in the drug at a Plymouth nightclub in December 2017 after MDMA drug overdose.

In the proceedings, the court has heard that the accused teenager has bought ecstasy worth £56 from the dark web using the Bitcoin and has supplied the drug to his friends which ended in the death of Reilly and Brock. Both the victims passed out at 2 am in the club and were later pronounced to be dead at the Derriford Hospital. The Judge named Robert Linford has cross examined Gregory and stated that the victims have taken the increased amount of the banned substances ( MDMA Drug overdose). On questioning the defendant, the judge has blamed Gregory for playing a part in the death of the victims.

After the judgement, Gregory has been pleaded guilty in a past court session and that he has been sentenced for the drug supply. The judge also believes that the defendant lacks the knowledge of the drug purity. It was also determined that Gregory has not packed the accurate amount of the substance before packing it and issuing it to his friends.


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