Morningstar Seeks to be the Bridge Financial Blockchain


On previous occasions, we have exposed how traditional finance have begun to migrate to the Blockchain. On this occasion we bring to you a company that looks to be the connector between these two worlds, helping companies and enterprises. We refer to Morningstar Credit Ratings. Before anything else we should know about our focus today, stating that it is not the parent company. MCR is a subsidiary of Morningstar Inc. which is an institution that provides a variety of research services and investment management. Was Joe Mansueto, who founded Morningstar in 1984, whereas CFR appears from 2016?


The division occurs because the parent company only works with projects and investments with a ranking of 5 stars. Therefore, MCR works with all the others. It is for this reason that MCR can bet by the small companies based on Blockchain, which it considers may impact in the future. We are working very closely with a number of companies oriented to the Blockchain looking to issue debt instruments in a chain of blocks.

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We’re looking to see how we may also provide reviews of credit, either a credit rating or different types of data and credit analysis credit that accompany those instruments of debt, and we are also looking to provide our services in a chain of blocks. MCR began its work with Blockchain in June 2018 with the associate director Jim Sinegal. The published a three-part series that explores how companies like Bank of America, Apple and Walmart are using Blockchain. In this, he explains how the technology could affect the coverage of the credit rating agencies.

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