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Silk Route Founder: A New Maximum Security Prison Heartily Welcomes Ross Ulbricht

The fabled Silk Route Founder, Ross Ulbricht, has been transferred to a higher security cell. He was captivated in USP Florence, Colorado prior to this and now his new facility is at USP Tucson. As far as the information reveals, the latest destination for Ulbricht was suggested by the judge in the control of the case, Katherine Bolan Forrest. The primary decision of the judge was to shift him to a medium-security prison, FCI in Petersburg where he can serve his sentence in a safer environment. His confinement started with solitary confinement and then sent to FTC in Oklahoma for a week and then finally to Tucson.

The founder of the Silk Road, Ross Ulbricht was arrested in 2013 after he was found guilty of opening a new route to the extensive Darknet Market where the vendors enjoy complete liberty to buy and sell drugs and various other illegal goods along with some of the most fascinating goods unexpected to be sold in the Darknet Market like art, clothing, books and milk.

The Silk Road is a website or an online platform created by Ross Ulbricht back in the year 2011. The website ran successfully till the year 2013 when he was caught following a post containing his Gmail address online, as per the information of the court documents. The trial period of the Silk Route Founder was in his favor as his defense argued that he might have opened up new routes but definitely he was not leading it and has given the responsibility to someone else. His mother still thinks he has been falsely accused and a petition has been released and signed by over 1,25,000 signatures and still counting. She hopes one day his son will be shifted to a low-security facility where he might suffer less.

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