Manufacturing Fentanyl: Michael Charon Sentenced To 103 Months Prison


Michael Charon was convicted of charges relating to the manufacturing of Fentanil drug in a lab. He was sentenced to 121 months in federal prison. The sentence was given by Judge Travis McDonough. According to the court transcript, Michael Charon was sentenced to prison because he manufactured Fentanil drug.

The criminal ring has another player according to court prosecutor. His partner in crime is Alvin Tenebaum. He was responsible for the distribution of the banned substance after Michael Charon manufactured Fentanil drug. On June 28, 2018, ATF agents used a confidential source to purchase 50 pills containing Fentanil drug from Tennebaum at 8027 Davidson Road in Chattanooga. Agents said Tenenbaum went from 949 Charlotte Ave. to the Davidson Road address with the pills.

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On July 27, 2018, search warrants were carried out at 949 Charlotte Ave. and at Tenenbaum’s home in Ringgold. Agents also spoke with Charon. Both men admitted they were involved in selling pills marked as regular narcotics, but which contained Fentanil drug. Charon admitted manufacturing pills containing Fentanil and providing them to Tenenbaum. Attorney Hillary Hodgkins said Charon tried to use a formula to produce Fentanil drug but was never successful at it. She said he is a very shy, introverted person. She said he had suffered a tragic loss with the death of his daughter when she was starting college. Attorney Hodgkins said the father of Charon was in the military and many of the weapons belonged to him. Judge McDonough said Charon and Tenenbaum were pushing Fentanyl drug to a lot of people. He noted the deadly nature of the substance. Prosecutor Kyle Wilson said it is possible to use the darknet to order Fentanil drug and all manner of illegal drugs. Tenenbaum was sentenced earlier to 103 months in federal prison.

Source: The Chattanoogan

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