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Child Sexual Abuse and Production of Child Pornography: A Man in Unna Arrested, Probably Receive Long Jail Terms

On Tuesday, September 10th, the German police conducted a second nationwide search for a suspected Criminal. The search aided the police to find and arrest a 45-year-old man from Unna. The man arrest was suspected of causing serious crimes such as sexually abusing children and also producing child pornographic scripts.

According to reports from the German Criminal officials, the 45-year-old man has been endeavouring in this Criminal act for quite a while now. The suspect has allegedly been sexually abusing his niece who stayed with him for about 2 years that is from 2016 to around the end 2018, then after he films the abuse on tape and posts it on the Darknet. Though this has not been happening on a daily basis the investigation revealed that it has been done several by the suspected man.

A first investigation was done by a team of Criminal officials who made a cooperative effort to set up a police operation on the Criminal activity across the country which would have been the basis for any action or arrest they could make. This initial investigation or search was carried out in September last year and was lead by the Attorney General in Frankfurt. However, the first investigation that took place came out fruitless.

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So after the first police investigation failed, the team in 2019 which was still lead by the Attorney General of Frankfruk am Main again brought up a new investigation which was established to invade child porn materials made in Germany and people transacting it on the anonymous part of the internet called the Darknet. This investigation was also nationwide operation but the police’s target group was disclosed as a public search at basic schools. The Criminal police in Frankfruk made a visit to some basic schools during their class learning period to speak to the teachers and show the teachers pictures of the victim of child sexual abuse. Nevertheless, the pictures of the victim who was believed to be a student at the school were not the pornographic pictures of the victim but just normal pictures are taken by the victim.

In a long run, the investigative police were given evidence by two of the sampled basic school teachers which plainly identified the victim and proved that there was an obvious case of the accused sexually abusing the victim.

On these bases, the German police made references to the old and new alleged recorded case of child pornography in Germany which leads them to the suspected man.

The investigative police as part of the search also seized some items from the arrested suspect. The items seized from the apartment of the suspect on September 10 included computers, cameras and data carriers. These were collected as evidence that was presented in court on the day of his trial.

The suspect was nonetheless brought before the judge of the district court in Unna on Tuesday to be trialled and it ended with the judge telling the authorities to keep the suspect remanded in police custody. At this point we wait to hear the sentence the court will give to the suspect yet considering the case of child pornographic involved, the suspect may receive a long term jail sentence.

Source: DOJ

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