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Sensitive Malaysian Navy Documents Hacked & Leaked on The Darknet

The Royal Malaysian Navy named RNM has undergone a data breach following a cyberattack where approximately seventy sensitive military documents have been reportedly put up for unknown reasons on a dark web website. A Singaporean daily has come forward and revealed that all of these breached data were accumulated from various sources that have successfully hacked into the email accounts of the military personnel especially navy personnel of Nigeria, European and the Indian defence contractors. Although, the intentions of the cybercriminals have not yet been known whether they want the data to be up on the dark web portal for sale or is it just a database leak.

The daily has also provided an insight into the data and the documents that have been leaked in this cyberattack:

  • All the requirements for naval examination.
  • Officials who are taking drugs & are being absent without any leave.
  • Senior & junior officials of the Malaysian navy who have been found guilty of corruption.
  • The number of troops at some naval & the army bases of Malaysia last year during a holiday.

Adding to this, the leaked data from the cyberattack also consists of a US diplomatic letter regarding the radar equipment of a US Navy ship and the frequencies that have been used when it had asked the ship to be docked at one of the Sabah ports, that occurred in August last year.

Image: France24

The Singaporean news daily has furthermore stated that The Royal Malaysian Navy has been intimated of the data breach while they have completely refused to comment on the cyberattack. It might seem to be a shocking incident to many, the security and the intelligence experts have stated that suck kind of data breaches are quite common.

Mikko Niemela, the Cyber Intelligence House CEO, has explained that the reason behind the sensitive data and documents spotted on the various specialised markets (darknet markets) or forums is to safeguard the anonymity of the buyers and the sellers or the vendors.

Source: The Strait Times

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