MaghrebHashish is one of the most reputed vendor shops that have been opened by the reputable vendor from the darknet markets, Cryptomarket and AlphaBay named by Maghreb. Unlike the other top darknet markets, the MaghrebHashish is a relatively small one and sells a very few different types of hashish and weed. The darknet marketplace also offers its users with a “Gold Pack” that includes hashish in five different flavours. The website is devoid of escrow system which means that there is no scope of depositing the user’s money as there are no personal accounts.

The admins of the darknet website do not want their customers to encrypt the emails sent and received by them while the rule of the darknet market is that all the chats and the emails between the customer and the seller must be encrypted from both the sides. Most of the darknet marketplaces accept Bitcoin as their primary mode of payment, it is necessary to send all the information regarding the Bitcoin transaction along with the shipping information. As per the information received from the website,

MaghrebHashish Store ships its products all throughout the world with an exception to places like New Zealand, Scandinavia and Australia owing to the fact that the packages sent to these places rarely reach their buyers. The reviews on various forums on the darknet marketplace, MaghrebHashish, states that the owner of the marketplace, Maghreb has a strong reputation and is one of the top Hashish or Hash sellers on the darknet.


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