Luna Market


One of the most neglected darknet marketplaces is the Luna Market whose primary concern is maintaining the security. The Luna Market provides its users with some of the unique features that are very rarely found in the other darknet marketplaces. The primary feature of the Luna Market darknet marketplace is that it possesses the “anti-exit scam” feature that almost all of the darknet places do not possess. Taking into account the other darknet marketplaces, most of them ask the users to deposit their cryptocurrencies such as the Bitcoins that remains with the darknet marketplaces until they are used which provides the market admins ample scope to conduct an exit scam. There are also possibilities that the admins set up their own .onion sites and build some reputation before performing exit scam. In case of the Luna Market, the darknet marketplace does not demand advance deposits but are demanded at the real time when the purchase is being carried out.

The Luna Market does support 2FA or the two factor authentication that provides an additional layer of protection for the user accounts in addition to the passwords. Also, it shows a PGP encoded message on the login page of the users. The registration to the Luna Market darknet marketplace is absolutely anonymous. But the anonymity can be maintained till the users do not provide their real details like real name or share the shipping details without a PGP encryption. As of now, the marketplace accepts payments in Bitcoins. To add a little bit of more anonymity, the users can use Bitcoin mixer. The darknet marketplace offers its users a wide range of products and services except for a few things like the child and animal porn, weapons, snuff movies, human and organ trafficking. As of now, the marketplace bears 1112 products of which nearly 50% belongs to the category of drugs.


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