Lucknow Topper Has Been Arrested For 2.7Kgs Marijuana Import


On Sunday night, the joint units of Lucknow Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and Delhi have arrested a youth aged 25 years from Gomtinagar, Lucknow. The accused was arrested for alleged marijuana import or importing Cannabis weighing 2.7 kgs from the United States through the courier. 

The accused has been identified to be an IT Engineering graduate named Cherish Gidwani who is a son of an Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officer. The accused had been involved in marijuana import (Cannabis) from the United States for over 18 months or one and a half years. This fact was unveiled after Cherish had been arrested. 

The NCB sleuths said that depending on the specific inputs, they had intercepted a parcel at the Delhi airport back on the 31st of August, 2020. The parcel contained 2.7 kgs of marijuana in premium quality that had been skillfully imported from the United States.

“Marijuana was concealed in an air compressor machine which was delivered via courier,” said an NCB sleuth.

The Narcotics Control Bureau had further said that a detailed investigation had been carried on for tracing the consignee who happened to be a resident of Lucknow. The Lucknow NCB team was also alerted. 

“Cherish admitted that he had been importing such parcels on a regular basis for the past one-and-a-half years or himself and also for further distribution among his friends,” an NCB official said.

The marijuana import had been initiated by ordering from the U.S. via social media and messaging services like Instagram or Wickr. However, the payment for the consignment was made using the Bitcoin cryptocurrency.

The accused had also disclosed that he used to get marijuana (cannabis) and charas from Bangalore and Delhi-based suppliers. 

The zonal director of NCB named Prashant Srivastava stated that the further investigations of the backward and forward links of the accused in the drugs case were under the way.

“All contacts of the youth on social media networks are being scanned,” he said.

The other sources from NCB mentioned that the accused had been a topper all through his academic career and it was recently that he had enrolled himself in a government engineering college in Lucknow. 

However, this is not the very first case of a Lucknow youth getting caught on account of marijuana import or trade and deal with narcotics on the dark web

Another incident that took place back in February this year was of Dipu Singh who was arrested by the NCB for the sale of contraband drugs using the dark web markets and accepting the payments in cryptocurrencies.

Source: The Times Of India

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